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Our Humble Beginnings

JAD Virtual Assistance started as a humble team of three.


It was founded by Andrea and Joseph, who knew that hard work, dedication, and experience were the keys to success. After many years in this field, Andrea knew what it takes to build a team of amazing people who are committed and can deliver amazing results.


Just months after the establishment, more clients started signing up, and more team members were added.


The team now has 30+ amazing members— 7 sub-teams including sales, customer support, digital marketing, and client acquisition teams. 

We are currently working with clients from the US, the UK, Canada, and the Philippines. 

JAD's first year has been fruitful and productive, and our goal is to grow bigger in years to come!


The Management

Team 1.png
Team 2.png

Want your own team of experts?

Let's get started.

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